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About Tisbury Arts Group

The eponymous Tisbury Arts Group (also known as TAG) presents a wide range of activities in the performing arts.


Nestling in the tranquil Nadder Valley, Wiltshire, TAG was formed back in the mists of time, well 1974 actually, and has maintained its reputation as one of the best community theatre troupes in the South of England.

We usually run four productions per year, a pantomime or musical, a drama and the annual Carnival Concert, as well as a production from that hot-bed of young talent Junior TAG.

Drawing our members from the local area we have a wealth of talent...BUT we're always looking for new people...actors, singers, dancers, directors, sword-swallowers (we even have our own Lady Godiva – honestly), you name it. And if you don't fancy the bright lights you can join the troglodytes backstage...set designers, painters, scene-shifters, sound and lighting, costume, make-up - basically anything creative!


Cinderella, 2018

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